Well (kudykkhan)

The well (kudykkhana), connected through the kazandyk and the corridor, on the east side of the building, with the stairs rising to the tower, is a stretch due to emergency openings in the south. The name of the Kudukhan is associated with a well; there is an assumption that the well was excavated to draw water during construction. The diameter of the well is 80 cm. Water was collected from this well in Taikazan.

The main facade has remained unfinished. The black masonry of the lower half of the peshtak and minarets has krepovki for inserting mosaic panels. In the pestak niche, the remains of ancient scaffolding have been preserved. Only three facades of the building are faced – east, west and north. The latter are saturated with geometric and floral ornaments with widespread use of epigraphy. The northern portal is most saturated with majolica and mosaic details. In combination with the ribbed dome towering above the portal, this is the most colorful and richly ornamented place in the external appearance of the mausoleum.

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