The library of the museum was founded in 1997. At first 700 books were bought from the own library of the archeologist L.B.Yerzakovich.

There are 700 different kind of articles written by the employers of the museum.

The employers of the museum have written the articles for the International conferences and seminars. A lot of books were given to the museum by the well-known scientists and writers. Total number of the books is 6780.

The main aims of the library are to propagandize the fund of the library, to give the necessary information to the readers;

  • To lead the catalogue of the registration; to lead technical work with the new books to index, to write their price;
  • To prepare the plan of the work;
  • To prepare in the written from;
  • To load to the Internet;
  • To organize the library, information and bibliographical service to develop the line of the library;
  • To provide the fund of the library;
  • To research (systematically) the demand of the readers;
  • To provide the fund of the library with the unique literature;
  • To organize the thematic literature exhibition.

These books were collected in the library:

  1. Ethnography -1318;
  2. Archeology -2300;
  3. History -1700;
  4. Numismatics -250;
  5. Literature -400;
  6. Books (received as a gift) -700;
  7. Newspapers, magazines -230.