1. Types of services provided on the territory of the museum are carried out by Republican State Treasury Enterprises of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan on a paid basis in accordance  on setting prices for manufactured and selling goods (works, services).

2.The museum serves all days of the week from 09:00 till 18:00 without weekends and in the summer from 08:00 to 20:00.

The order and requirements of the museum

1.Entrance to the reserve -museum and services for visitors is made through the cashier and on the basis of a ticket for the right of one-time access.

2. On days and social groups that are provided with free access to “Azret Sultan” the State Historical and Cultural Reserve-Museum they can enter for free: 1) visitors of “Azret Sultan”  the State Historical and Cultural Reserve-Museum on the third Sunday of each month; 2) veterans of the Great Patriotic War; children with disabilities up to eighteen years of age, mothers with many children, participants in the Afghan war; 3) pupils  during the summer holidays (vacations).

Museum visitors are required to: get an entrance ticket to the museum; take care of the property of the museum, which is the state property, observe cleanliness, public order and the requirements of these Rules.

The conditions of stay in the museum include:

1) follow the instructions of the museum employees;

2) storage of hand luggage, bags, luggage, cases in a cell;

3) do not travel in the territory of the museum with bulky manual loads;

4) keep a ticket until the end of viewing the exposition and present it at the request of the administration;

5) informing visitors or museum employees of dangerous situations that may affect the safety of the museum;

6) informing museum workers in the event of the discovery of unsupervised items;

7) a visit to the museum is prohibited in the form of clothes with short sleeves;

8) For children and schoolchildren, there must be a responsible leader.

In case of violation of the rules, museum employees have the right to take measures aimed at ensuring the safety of visitors, to warn violators, and also to seek with the help of special staff who oversee the protection of the museum reserve.

The rights of visitors to the museum:

1. the use of photo and video cameras in specially permitted areas;

2. To use the services of the Guide (guide);

3. use the services of a cafe, shop;

4. Have the right to move with other suitable substances for children (kangaroo backpack, basket and bag for newborns).

Museum administrations rights and responsibilities

1. change the working hours of the museum by preliminary informing visitors;

2. to demand the relevant documents confirming the belonging to the museum of the category of persons entitled to privileged and free visits;

3. the use of a metal detector in order to ensure safety;

4. regulate the flow of visitors by restricting access;

5. The museum administration has the right not to be responsible for the loss of unsupervised items