Excursion and propaganda department

Excursion and agitation department

Excursion and agitation department opened in the 2016 year. N.Tanatarov was appointed as a head of the department. There are 10 guides and 18 museum keepers.

Guides introduces excursions in 6 languages (Kazakh, Russian, English, Turkish, Chinese, Arabic).

Using the legislation of Kazakhstan Republic, will work in the following areas:

Guides duties

  • in the accordance with the fixed standards of excursions for exposition, exhibitions, and to the area of museum.
  • also guides can develop methods of excursions. As a methods of development they will do cultural and educational events.
  • they must know Kazakhstan Republics law “about culture”, during the specificity of all professions cultural history, ethnography and archeology, museums, scientific and educational materials, methods of literature, foreign advanced experience.

Guides must know

  • The law “About Culture” of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Taking into account all features of specialty the history of culture, basics ethnography and archeology,
  • Training materials are the basis for museology;
  • New scientific and methodical literature on the scientific and educational work;
  • To learn the theme of excursion and lecture;
  • передовой опыт отечественных и зарубежных работ ведения экскурсии и лекций;
  • основы Закона «О Труде»;

Museum keepers duties

  • at the duty time to look at the exhibits and save them.
  • if even one of them lost they will answer before the law of Kazakhstan.
  • everyday before the opening to the visitors, museum keepers must check and take responsibility of every exhibit which is in the museum or in their rooms.
  • control the purity of the exposition.
  • while on duty must inform the person who is responsible for replacing in necessary, will be stores, can not leave while the labor discipline of compliance with the rules of the visitors to the museum artifacts.
  • Museum is obliged to comply with fire safety.