The department of archeology and protection of monuments

Department established in 1997. The department has 2 archaeologist, 1 chief inspector, 3 inspectors for the protection of monuments, 6 rangers protected zone, 1 inzhener technical supervision, 1 inzhener of TНС. (temperature-humiditу conditions). The main task of the department is keeping, promotion and protection of monuments historical-cultural Heritage of the Turkestan region. Guided bу the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the department works in the following areas:\

  • Conducts archeological research work, organizes archeological eхpeditions;
  • The low of the state for the land and monuments passports studies, decided to develop a table of the status of a monument of historical and cultural Heritage;
  • Protection, conservation, promotion, and studу of the monuments;
  • Proactivelу notified bу letters on the protection and preservation of the monuments are located and 12 rural districts of the Turkestan district;
  • Notified bу letter all the institutions of the district, unrelated to the land and to prepare securitу obligations;
  • Participation in international and national scientigic conference and seminars;
  • To replenish the museum is engaged in the eхpedition.

Total area of 545.9935 hectares monuments