The head of the department is Karim Asylhan Abdikaliuly. It was founded in 1997 as a department of archeology, in 2009 it was renamed to the department of archeology and protection of historical and cultural monuments, in 2016 it was renamed to the department of protection and accounting of historical and cultural monuments. Since 2019, the department of accounting and protection of monuments of historical and cultural heritage. Until May 2018, the department was headed by the cultural figure of the Republic of Kazakhstan, candidate of historical sciences Tuyakbaev Marat Kymyzuly. Over the years, the structural system of the department was finally formed, as a result of numerous archaeological expeditions were laid archaeological sites, mounds, taken into account historical mausoleums and religious buildings and the necessary documents were drawn up.

The main task of the department is the accounting, propaganda, systematic protection and preservation of the historical and cultural heritage of the Turkestan region. Guided by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the department carries out work in the following directions:

  • Conducts archaeological research, organizes archaeological and scientific expeditions.
  • Develops registration cards, passports, obtaining a state act on the land plots of monuments, presents the identified historical and cultural heritage for obtaining the status of a monument.
  • Supervises the implementation of reconstruction and restoration works on historical and cultural monuments, monitors the compliance of design and planning estimates, takes part in acceptance work.
  • In order to replenish the museum fund department goes on expeditions, business trips with the aim of collecting exhibits, determining the location of historical places.
  • Conducting research work on monuments, organizing cultural and educational work, lecturing on the topic, publication in print, introduction to scientific parlance.
  • Participation in scientific conferences and seminars organized at the republican and regional levels.

The reserve museum currently includes 45 historical and cultural monuments. Of these, 1 monument has international status, 23 monuments of republican significance, 2 monuments has local status. 19 monuments are on the preliminary list. These monuments were identified during the exploration of the Turkestan archaeological detachment of the Azret Sultan Reserve-Museum and were presented for status.

List of monuments by typological features

Types of Monuments Total amount
Architectural monuments of the Middle Ages and

XIX-XX centuries

Sacred objects 6
Archeology 12


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