About museum

A short history of State Historical and Cultural Reserve Museum of RSE” Azret Sultan ” by the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan

State Historical and Cultural Reserve Museum “Azret Sultan” was founded in 1978, 30 August, as the “National Museum of the architectural complex of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi”. In 1989, 28 August, decree №265 Council of Ministers of the Kazakh SSR was reorganized as the “State Historical and Cultural Reserve Museum” Azret Sultan “. Government Decision of 24.07.2015, with the number 585 and the decision of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the reorganization of state-owned enterprises was reorganized as the RSE “Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve Azret Sultan “

The main activity of the museum-reserve takes place in two directions. The first – correcting function of reserve, taking into account, guards and protects the historical and cultural objects that are in the Turkestan region. The total area of ​​the location of historical and cultural monuments that have received state certificate is 557.1935 hectares, which includes 207 objects: 1 of them has the status of international importance, 16 republican, 14 local significance. For other objects, work is underway to determine the status. In 2003, the Mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi, which has the status of international importance as an unsurpassed masterpiece of medieval architecture was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Also, the monument is a special place and as a national pantheon. Until that day was aware of the more than 300 graves in the mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi, as a result of research in the list was supplemented by another 184 people.

Museum-Reserve Fund is made up of 25 000 valuable historical artifacts. To maintain written, archaeological and numismatic materials were purchased and installed in the storage devices special fund current models. The restorers of the museum fund are specialists passed training courses in Russia.

The second direction of activity of the museum as a museum-reserve is – to protect, preserve, restore and promote the ancient, historical valuable elements of cultures extant. In the exposition area of ​​the museum “The history of Turkistan”, “Hyluet”, and in the mausoleum Yasawi every year organized about 50 exhibitions on different subjects. In all regions of the Republic and the Academy of Natural Sciences in South Kazakhstan traveling exhibitions were organized. Also, the museum works closely urban schools, spending within their walls thematic lectures and exhibitions.

In order to promote valuable historical artifacts and relics museum and historical figures buried in the mausoleum Yasawi in the last 4-5 years, the same has been published many books and booklets, conducted a systematic popularization and promotion of museum exhibits through the media. Published in English, Kazakh and Russian languages, the book-album “Skin Ahmed Yasawi mausoleum” took first place in the Moscow Book Fair, organized in the framework of the CIS. Along with this every two years conducted scientific-practical conference on the theme “Problems of studying and teaching the heritage of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi”, various round tables and annual traditional competition among schoolchildren lesson of “Yasawitanu”. It gives a great opportunity for students from all regions read the history of our people and the teaching of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi.

Museum “Azret Sultan” one of the first in the history of domestic made staging historical pageant “The construction of the Khan to the throne.” Professional actors were invited to create images of historical figures. See the historical performance were invited distinguished guests from near and far abroad.

Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve “Azret Sultan” is working communicatively with all the republican, regional museums of Kazakhstan and is the most visited museum in their midst. As a result of the joint painstaking work of the whole team museum-reserve in the current year was awarded the diploma of the “Museum of the Year” by International Union of ICOM.