Sauran, ХІІІ-ХІV — ХVІІІ сс.

Sauran  – is located north-western part 45 kilometers from the city of Turkestan. The national monument of the status. Ancient Karatobe-Sauran continuation of the life of the city. About the Sauran, the first data was recorded in 10th century in Al-Ïstahrid’s book “The Book of Country Ways,” and then there are works written in 976 years by the Arab Geographer Ibn Haukald’s works. XIII. entitled Getwm’s guide in the middle of the diagram. However, this information is of Sauran South-east of the town is related to the city of located 3,5km Karatobe between 4th and 5th century and at the beginning of 14th century lived early Middle Ages in Sauran city. At the same time the city will start transition to the new tenants. New city from north to south 850m, 660m long from east to west is surrounded by a protective wall. It can access through two gates on the north and east. It is located adjacent to the city of Sauran early and developed medieval Karatobe-cc is a continuation of the life of the city address, 7 the edges of the city gates and length of the tower defense protective fortress built in 2360m. The height of 3-6m fortress built on the piece and paxsadan. The height of the tallest tower in the northern corner of 6m. Ceramics similarity of the Turkestan, Otyrar keramïkalarımen matches. Of Sauran city Ï.P.Lerh 1867, 1947 in the South Kazakhstan archaeological expedition (A.N.Bernştam) investigated in 1967 (KAAkishev) In 1986, the Scientific-Research Institute of Sh. 1999-2011. TAE from (E.Ä.Smagulov M.Q.Tuyaqbaev) step-by-step study was conducted 2005-2009. From IKTU (M.Elewov), Archaeology Institute (K.M.Baypaqov) OMQM (N.) experts who carried out the research. In 2011, “Cultural Heritage” program of Sauran the northern gate of the city, the street, madrasah, mosques and hanakası vague restored the military construction.

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The ancient settlement of Karatobe (Sauran), ІV-V-ХІV cc.

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