Saukym ata settlement, XIV-XVIII cс.

It is located 21 km north-west of the city of Turkestan, in the center of the Kosmezgil village of the Shornak rural district. Information about the settlement is found in the monograph “Drevniy Otrar” called “Tortkol-tobe Kyzyl-Asker”. The Vakuf document, handed over by Amir Timur to the mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi, refers to the canal that irrigated the city, and its name was “Aryk Sunaki”. Local residents say that in the 19th century, the preacher of Islam Saukhim ata was buried in the Settlement, since then the hill was called that way. The descendants of this person live in the village of Shornak and in the neighboring village of Kosmezgil. The dimensions of the hill: north-80m, south-100m, East-90m, West-95m, height-4m. the monument was first investigated in 1970 by the Otrar archaeological expedition (K. A. Akishev.). In 1999, the Turkestan archaeological expedition (M. Tuyakbayev) for the second time investigated stratigraphic excavations 3x6m in size and 4m deep.

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