Headstone of Kainar Kushek Sultan

The monument is located on the eastern side of the mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi. The report on the excavations carried out by the historian, archaeologist N.B. Nemtseva around the mausoleum of Khoja Akhmed Yasawi in ​​1958 speaks of underground construction, suggesting that it once could have had a mausoleum. Kainar Kushek, famous in history for his feat in the war, was the leader of the army of the Sultan Tauekel Khan, which surrounded Bukhara. In this war, Tauekel Khan was seriously wounded and died in Tashkent, and Kainar Kushek Sultan died in battle. Kainar Kushek Sultan is also buried in Turkestan, like his father Ondan Sultan. This scientist recorded that his father Ondan was buried in the corridor in the middle of the big Aksaray and the small Aksaray. The very location of this building (5m from the outer wall of Big Aksaray, where the kind and kind people of the Kazakh people are buried) testifies that it is one of the most revered and heroic sons of our people. A hole with a diameter of 3 cm, which fell out from a blow with the sharp side of aybalta in his skull, indicates that the deceased did not die of his own death, died in the war, in battle.

In 1954-1958 the mausoleum (burial ground) was preserved, and in 1954-1958. archaeologist N. Usmankhodzhaev and archaeologist N.B. Nemtseva carried out stripping work, in 1977 the archaeologist of the Turkestan archaeological expedition (E. A. Smagulov) M. K. Tuyakbaev carried out a full autopsy. In 2020, by order of the «Kazkaytazhanyru» institution, specialists of the Azret Sultan Museum-Reserve carried out restoration and sealing work.

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