Kazakh sultan, batyr, son of Shygay khan. His mother, Bayim bikem, was the senior wife of Shygay khan. She had two sons, Seyitkul sultan and Ondan sultan. Ondan was approximately born in 1555, died in 1585 in a battle. He was commander in chief under Shygay khan. In the struggle against foreign enemy he was courageous and finest archer. It was the reason people named him “Ondan, the shooter”. He died at the age of 30 in 1585 in the beginning of the war between Taueke’s khanate with Kalmyks. This period is known for its often conflicts between Kazakh khans and oirat rulers for the cities of Middle Asia. Mukhamedzhan Tynyshpaev speaks about Ondan sultan in his book “Materials to the history about Kyrgyz-Kazakh people” and Velyaminov-Zernov in “Studies about Kasimov emperors and czarevitch”. Kazakh scientists of ХVІ–ХVІІ centuries, Kadyrgali Qosanuly Jalairi wrote in his book “Collection of annals”: “My ancestors, were Oraz-mohamad sultan ancestors. I, myself, served the grandfather of Oraz-Mohamad Ondan sultan, а and then stayed close to OrazMohamad”. Indeed, after death of Kadyrgali Jalairi, the military commander of Ondan sultan, taking Kadyrgali jalairi’s 13 year son and aul, Oraz-Mohamad fully submitted under authority of Siberian Koshim khan. First wife of Ondan sultan, Altyn khanum, daughter of Bolat sultan, the son of Usek khan. Oraz Mohamad, the khan of Kasym’s (Kasimov’s) khanate and Tatty khanum were born by senior wife, Altyn khanum on Russian lands. He had a second wife, Suyim khanum, daughter of Kemsin sultan, the son of Buryndyk khan. She gave birth to a son Kainar Kushek sultan (in some sources – Kuzhek sultan).

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