Mausoleum and well Ukashala ata, IX-X сс.

Located 55 km north of the city of Turkestan, in the Babaykorgan rural district, in the foothills of Karatau. A monument national importance. In the beginning there was only the grave site, in 1989-1990. Local residents built the current mausoleum. The mausoleum consists of two rooms: the first small entrance room, the second oblong length of 22.2 meters, the height of 4 meters, the width of 4.6 meters. It has seven small windows.

There are many legends about Ukash Ata. One of them says that he is a disciple of the Prophet Muhammad. According to the legends, Ukasha Ata is a batyr, whom neither a saber nor a bullet takes. At that time, the religious opponents of Ukash ata wanted to kill him, but could not find his weak point. In the end, through lies, through the wife of Ukash, they found out that he was powerless only during the morning prayer. The religious enemies of Ukasha Ata cut off his head while reading the prayer. The enemies wanted to mock at the severed head, but the head fell to the ground, rolled, through two mounds and went underground. At that place appeared a well.

Among the people, it is rumored that the water in the well through the underground paths is connected with the spring water Zam-zam in Mecca. Some of the water comes out of the well, some do not. If water is being pumped while throwing a bucket, then the person’s will is fulfilled.

Near the well Ukasha Ata built a small structure in the form of a yurt, its diameter is 4.5 meters, height is 3.5 meters. And the depth of the well is 22-25m.

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