The mausoleum of Gaukhar ana, ХІІ-ХІV сс.

Was erected in honor of the daughter of the great poet and thinker Khoja Ahmed Yasawi. A monument national importance. It is located in Turkestan, 400-500 meters on the left side of the Turkestan-Shauulder highway. Since 1989, the list of monuments of the museum-reserve “Azret Sultan” has been included and taken under state protection. In 2011, archaeologists of the museum-reserve conducted archaeological excavations and collected some data. But there is no information about the year of birth and death of Gauhar.

According to folk legends and according to words for many years working as the main curator of the foundation, and then the directors of the museum “Azret Sultan”, now Oksakal O. Dastanova Gaukhara had the gift of healer, thanks to Cauhar she helped many people. The grave of Gauhar ana was made of burnt bricks, similar to the grave of Rabiah Sultan Begim, but slightly smaller. Interesting fact – near the mausoleum there are wells with medicinal water.

At first the mausoleum did not have a roof, it consisted of 4 walls, next there was a building of 3 rooms for pilgrims. In 2014-2015gg. On request of the museum-reserve “Azret Sultan” RSU “Kazrestavratsiya” erected the mausoleum of Gaukhar Ana.

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