Mausoleum of Alkozha ata, XII-XV cс.

It is located 2.5 km east of the mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi along A. Tutkabaev Street. The monument, consisting of a tomb, zhamagathana and a canopy is built of burnt brick. These rooms are covered by a dome, window openings are installed on four sides. The canopy was cut from four faces of a brick. In 1997-1999, was carried out restoration work, retaining its architectural features.

Myths and legends say that Alkozha Ata was the son-in-law of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi, that is, the husband of Gauһar, the daughter of a Sufi. In one of these legends was one of the Prophet’s closest friends (pbuh), a reliable partner, follower, one of the most respected people of Islam – Abu Bakr Syddyk. One of them is Zhakyp khoja, the second is Abdimalik khoja. Upon arrival of the brothers in Turkestan, the older brother headed to the lower reaches of the Syr Darya, and settled in the city of Ozgen. And Abdimalik ata remained in Turkestan. It is said that Abdumalik ata served in the Khoja Ahmed Yasawi Madrasah, performed the Hajj with Khoja Ahmed Yasawi. At one time, Abdimalik ata was considered one of the most respected people in the Turkestan region. Khoja Ahmed Yasawi also greatly appreciated his contribution to Islam. He soon got married with him, and gave his daughter Gauһar as a wife to the son of Abdimalik Alkozha. Alkozha ata was one of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi’s favorite students. It is said that he had the ability to heal. According to the legends, at that time water was dripping from the turquoise that was on the top of the mausoleum. And in turn, water dripped onto the second turquoise which was on the lower part.

The water that was going there people came and drank in bent positions. Because it was believed that water has healing properties.

At the top of the turquoise is a cup-shaped opening. It was believed that the person who drinks this water from this opening was cured of all diseases. In today’s time, the mausoleum of Alkozha ata was reconstructed. And turquoise was withdrawn to the front of the mausoleum. But the fate of turquoise from the upper part is unknown. It was lost in troubled times when the mausoleum was destroyed.

The mausoleum of Alkozha ata a few years ago was an uninhabited place, unattended. Currently, the mausoleum is again open for prayer reading, and now it is also used as a mosque for local residents. In 2016, on the initiative of the «Azret Sultan» reserve-museum, the land was leveled in front of the mausoleum and a garden system was established. For tourists visiting the mausoleum, lamps and special benches are installed. In the near future it is planned to make this place a cultural tourist object.

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