Korzhyn, XX c.

Korzhyn is a handicraft product woven from woolen yarn. There are many types of korzhyn. Korzhyn includes pile carpets, thin carpets woven by the alash method and thick felt products that do not heat water in summer and do not cool food in winter. Due to the convenience of carrying on a camel hump, on both flanks of the horse, the korzhyn was used to carry various items, depending on one’s own needs. More than ten types of korzhyn are kept in the museum funds. One of them is a wicker korzhyn by the method of pile carpet weaving. Passed this korzhyn in 2001 resident of the Shayan village M. Sultanova. The korzhyn is 1 meter long, 50 cm wide, made of wool. The surface of the korzhyn is terry, in the center there is a diamond-shaped pattern from the “Koshkar muyiz” ornament. the edges are decorated with the “Synar muiyz” ornament. A geometric pattern is knitted in the gap connecting the two heads of the korzhyn. The bed is made in red, the patterns used white, black, green, yellow, blue. This korzhyn, which is kept in our fund, belongs to the type of loshidine korzhyn. It can be seen that this gem, which has been used since ancient times, is still used by our people as a household product, and in the countryside it is still used daily. For Kazakhs who transported horses, such a korzhyn is ideal for balancing on both sides of the head, not rolling on the horse if you bend over the saddle or lower in front of it. Such items are among the most important exhibits of our museum.

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