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Taikazan was cast in the village of Karnak in 1399. Master, Abdilaziz ibn Sharaf-ad-din Tabrizi. Weight of Cauldron- 2 tons, capacity 3 litres, the diameter is 242 cm, the diameter of the platform -60,7 cm. Height of the cauldron – 162 cm, height of pedestal 54 cm, the material from 7 different metals. Copper, zinc, gold, silver, bronze, lead and iron. There are no ornaments and inscriptions in the inner part. The inscription on the surface of Taikazan consist of three parts. On top of the Taikazan opening remarks from the passage of the 9 Suras of the Koran Karim, continues with the hadith of the Prophet, after an explanation of what and for whom was cast the Cauldron and when it was finished.

The meaning in English: Merciful Allah said: “Do you think that giving water to the pilgrim and repair of (belief in the day of judgment and the person who died in the war in the way of Allah) Mosque, Haram?” And the prophet said, may he rest in peace: ”The man who will build a place to drink in the way of Allah, God will build for him the pond in Paradise. ”

Islamic Sheikh, the greatest Sultan of the sheikhs, the ruler of many peoples, Guran Amir Timur ordered to construct this container for water for the tomb of Sheikh Ahmed Yassawi, may Allah sanctify his great spirit. May Allah makes his power endless. Twentieth Shawwal, eight hundred first /25 Jun 1399 year.

The second row is divided into twenty cartouches. In two parts written master’s own name in thuluth signature, on the other 8 parts written congratulatory word in persian language.

The meaning in English: Was made by master of Abdelaziz Ibn Sharaf al-DIN Tabrizi, a poor servant of Allah. Congratulations.

The third row contains 22 times repeating note about the Majesty of God in kufi handwriting.

The meaning in English: Careful, Allah is the owner of all existence.

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