He was one of Kazakh khans at the end of XVIII century. Bolat, the eldest son of Abulmambet, grandson of Bolat khan, great grandson of Tauke khan. He was from Djadik dynasty. The years of his birth and death unknown. Before becoming khan, Bolat was sultan of kuandyk race and argyn tribe in Middle zhuz. After death of his father Abulmambet khan, argyn and konyrat beys elected him as khan. He based in Turkestan. He and Esim khan, son of Sameke khan ruled Turkestan and its outskirts, such cities as Sauran, Syganak and tribes migrated in outskirts. (Erofeeva, 2001: 119). After his father’s death and being successor of throne he ruled Turkestan and its outskirts approximately in 1771–1798. Due to submission of South Kazakhstan regions to Tashkent ruler Djunuskozha in 1798, Bolat khan’s ruling over Turkestan stopped. (History of Kazakhstan in Russian sources, 2005: 161). According to historical records, he supported Abylai khan in his war against Kyrgyzes (History of Kazakhstan in Russian sources, 2005: 140). According to Abulfeiz letter, during his diplomatic service he sent an ambassador to China. The letter said: “Djuchi gun is going to meet with Bugda Ejen khan. He is coming together with ambassador, Bolat khan” (Chinese information about history of Kazakhstan, 2006: 118). In 80s of XVIII century, Bolat khan and Adil, the son of Abylai khan rule Senior zhuz saryuisun race. His authority spreaded over territory of Northern Karatau, valleys of Talas and Shu rivers and around middle reaches of Syr Darya. Upper reaches of Torgay river, Telikol outskirts and Sarysu gorge served as summer pastures. In historical recods he is mentioned as Bulat, Polad, Polat, Pulad, Pulat (Erofeeva, 2001: 82).

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