Argyn-Karasopy Karaul was famous among the people for his oratorical abilities and eloquence, hunting abilities, not only in the Kokshetau region, but also in other regions.  Zhaulybaytegi Duissen bi was an outstanding personality, who lived at the turn of the XVII-XVIII centuries. He received his knowledge from the wise Kazybek bi Duissen at a very early age began to take part in the conflicts within the country and the authorities showed a vivid example of how to honor our political traditions, which were handed down from father to son. In the Kokshetau region from small to large still remember and know about the legend of how he caught a snake with his famous eagle “Alabas”.  Ukili Ibrai, famous representatives of Kazakh literature and journalism Sarbas Aktayev, Khamza Abdulin, Tolegen Kazhybai, Aidos Abutalipov dedicated their poems, scientific and literary works to the famous bird. The descendants of the nine sons of Duissen Bi: Koyaidar, Beksha, Akshabai, Babas, Toksanbai, Urkyra, Dunkeldy in 2013 arranged a feast for the 300th anniversary of their glorious ancestors and set up a monument to Berkut “Alabas”. A special collection “Karul Essenberli Duissen bi” was published. One of the brilliant children of our nation, Karaul Duysen bi was buried in the mausoleum of Khoja Akhmed Yassawi according to his will. This fact was established by the scientific-expert council of the state historical-cultural reserve-museum “Azret Sultan” thanks to supporting documents.

Based on the facts of life collected by us, we will focus mainly on the legends of Duissen bi and his descendants, which are often mentioned among the people. (Zhakyp Kanapiya. Transitions of Life. – Almaty, “Ush Kiyan” Three attempts, 2004.)

Duissen bi, who was engaged in hunting with hunting birds during his life visited Akmol, Kokshetau, Yerementau, Karkaralinsk and Bayanaul, and even the Ural Mountains. Here on one of such trips he meets the well-known falconer Shora and they become friends. A descendant of Beyimbet of the Jalair family, Shora and Yeskeldy were probably batyr brothers. They were the children of Tole bi Ulbike’s niece and were guests of honor among the people. Shora Jylkeldyuly gave Duissen bi a young golden eagle in front of all the people.

This is mentioned in the work by B. Batyrashyuly “On eki ata zhalaiyr” (Twelve great-grandfathers of the Jalairs).

Zhylkeldy Batyr in 1723 pulled out of the enemy onslaught zhalaiyrs and moved to the south.

In 1729, together with Abylai Khan, he took part in the battle against the Kalmyks. (Akikat No. 8, 2010). A great influence on Duissen bi’s fame was his marriage to Zhanbike, the daughter of Kaz dauysty Kazybek bi. His first wife Kundyz gave birth to his only child Koyaidar. Zhanbike could not get pregnant for a long time, so she went to Turkestan and spent the night at the Azret Sultan Mosque. After this pilgrimage, with the blessing of higher powers, she gives birth to nine children. The first-born are Bekshe, Zakshabay, Babas, Toksanbay, Seksenbay, Kenzhebay and Urkinshi. For a just solution of the question between them and the Kalmyks, they presented the girl as a gift. To this day she is survived by descendants of the Dunkeldi. There is no exact data when they were born, approximately considered 1740-1750. Duissen gained appreciation among the people by participating in matters of government.

At a time of skirmishes and assassination attempts, fights and brawls, stealing girls and losing cattle, in the midst of hostages and rivalries, making an honest and wise decision required a special skill. The lessons learned from Kazybek bi helped Duissen to be a fair brave, resilient, persistent man. From a young age he followed his father and learned a lot, and in difficult times they were always together. In the absence of his father, he tried to carry out all the household chores with great responsibility. With sincere good-naturedness he received guests and gave them great honor. To date, from the six children of Koyaidar’s son: Azhy, Karakul, Kokekul, Boty, Bozdak, Sandyk batyr in the aul Kenetkol in the Kylshakty lake district their generation lives on. Among them were born descendants who staunchly defended their territories. For example, the son of Azhy Baitas became a famous akyn, a master of aytys, and an orator. Grandson Kokekula Boskinbay became a holy clairvoyant. (Bekenov J. Alabas-aniyz izimen// Kazakh Literature. May 18, 1998). Suleimen Akan, coeval of Boskinbai, married and created a family with Balkadisha mentioned in the famous song. The descendants of Urkenshi son Duissen bi consider Kenetkol aul their native land.

We did not give complete information about the achievements, the descendants of Duissen bi from nine sons. This is a brief information about Duysen bi, one of the great sons of the Abylai Khan era. By the decision of the Academic Council №3 of February 4, 2011 the name of Duissen bi was included in the list of buried in the mausoleum of Khoja Akhmed Yassawi.

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