(1626–1723 уу.)

Anet Baba Kishikuly (sometimes named as Koshik, and sometimes Kushik) – a famous devotee who lived in 1626–1723. Anet Baba was popularly called “the Biy of Biys”.
According to the Kazakh genealogy including Shakarim Kudaibergenuly’s “Tobytky Shejiresi”, his lineage can be described as follows: “From the Argyn tribe of the Middle Juz –Aksopy, from Aksopy Tobykty, from him Ryspek, Dauletik (Thick stick), from Ryspek – Dauan, Musabai, Kokshe, from Musabai – Suirbas, from Suirbas – Sary, from Sary – Kishik. From the elder wife of Kishik Ata Sankimuryn, Beyimbet were born, from the younger wife – Anet, Aitek. Baybolat was born from the elder wife of Anet Baba, from the middle wife – Zhaubasar, from him –Utegul, Man, from the younger wife – Esbolat, Shaka. From the elder wife of Anet’s younger brother Aitek – Oljay, from the younger wife – Baibori, Kalkaman (hero of the poem “Kalkaman-Mamyr”)”. In the heaviest years of the Jungar invasion, which remained in the people’s memory as “Aktaban shubyryndy, Alqa kol sulama” (“Years of great calamity”), a part of Tobykty clan occupied the modern territories of the Aktobe, West Kazakhstan, Kostanai, Turgai regions, and the other part lived in the Kyzylkum steppes between the Syr-Darya and Amu-Darya rivers, as well as in the cities of Bukhara, Tashkent, Turkestan, Sauran, Shymkent. It should be noted that Biys and Batyrs, such as Yrgyzbai, Torgay, Kengirbai, Bukharbai, riginally from Tobykty, were widely known at that time. Story has it that upon invasion of Jungars Anet Bi and his six sons were captured by the enemy with all his sons dying. Only one pregnant daughter-in-law survived. She gave birth to a boy. The boy as the only descendant of Anet Baba was named “Bakai”. From Bakai the clan of Aitek Ata originated. From the elder wife of Aitek Oljay was born, from the younger wife – Baibori, Kalkaman. Baibori ruled the people and had great authority. He was called “Baken”. Nowadays “Bakens” – are descendants of – Baibori. Kalkaman was a courageous Djigit, a Batyr. He was guilty falling in low with his younger sister Mamyr. Anet Bi sentenced him to death. Under the Bi’s order Kalkaman galloped before a Djigit, who was shooting bows taking him as an aim. Kalkaman was severely wounded but survived. Feeling hurt by his clan he departed to the Alatau Mountains. Kalkaman found shelter in uysuns’ village in Semirechye, where his relatives on the maternal side lived. The present Kalkaman village in the suburbs of Almaty city is a locality where Kalkaman’s descendants live.
Anet Baba – one of the seven famous Biys involved in composing the code of laws “Jety Jargy” (Seven pillars). He belonged to Tobykty clan. In early life he graduated from Sharif Madrasah in Bukhara together with uisun Saryshuash and fully mastered Sharia – the code of Muslim legal and theological regulations. He was famous for his justice and piety. During the conflict described in the poem Kalkaman – Mamyr (attachment “Kalkaman-Mamyr”) Anet Baba gave instruction to free two young people loving each other. However, the clan head Mambetbay Kokenay Batur was against such a decision. He defined a condition for Anet Baba: “We will punish our guilty girl ourselves, but you should kill your man”. Anet Baba had to take the decision: Kalkaman should have gallop by a quick horse before Kokenay while Kokenay would shot a bow to kill him. Kalkaman miraculously survived. Anet Baba had sons: Zhaubasar, Esbolat, Shaka. All his five sons died in a battle with Kalmyks during “Aktaban shubyryndy”. In the spring of 1723 Jungars’ invasion started, the years of the great calamity “Aktaban  hubyryndy” approached. That time Anet Baba was captured. Later, batyrs headed by Kokenay found the remains of Anet Bi and buried him in the Mausoleum of Khoja Ahmаd Yasawi in Turkestan city. It is unknown whether the descendants of his died sons remained. The children of Baibolat, the son from his eldest wife: Baluan and Bakai, were brought here as babies. Baluan had no descendants. The children of Bakai raised and continued the clan. From other wives Anet Baba had the sons Zhaubasar, Esbolat, Shaka. Anet Baba – is a prominent figure renowned and honored not only in the clan of Tobykty but also by all Kazakh people. His blessing (Bata) was sought by famous Biys, such as Tole, Kazybek, Aiteke, as well as Bukhar Jyrau popularly known as «sacred throat».

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