A Kazakh khan, who ruled Turkestan. The year of his birth is unknown, year of death 1826. Togay was from Djadik dynasty, a ninth son of Janibek khan, founder of Kazakh khanate. Karabas Mohamed Sultan, father of Togay khan ruled konyrat tribes in last quarter of XVIII century. According to materials of Mirjaqip Dulatuli, he was known as Tokai Tore (Dulatov, 1998: 42), while according to Mayly Qozha as Togay khan (Sultanqozhauly, 2010: 203), as per Kokand source known as Tokai Tore (Beysembiev, 2010: 102). In some records his name was written as Tokay, Tugay, Tukay. History has witnessed two sons of Karabas sultan. As per family tree of A.G. Olovintsov and G. Zh. Tabuldin, his origin looks as follows: Tursyn khan – Koshek khan – Synkay sultan – Karabas sultan – Togay khan and Alikabar (Aliken) khan. After Togay khan’s death, his son, Karabas sultan takes over the throne approximately in the beginning of XIX century. There is no reliable information on date of his becoming khan. As per Mirjaqip Dulatuli, “at that times government of Bukhara elects Tokay Tore as ruler of Turkestan…” (Dulatov, 1998: 42). Togay khan authority was spreaded to Turkestan and its outskirts, part of Sary-Uysin tribe of Senior zhuz and konyrat tribes of Middle zhuz. In one view, Togay khan strongly resisted the army of Kokand khanate, who suddenly broke up war in 1816 (Erofeeva, 1997: 87,129). The literature contains information that during conquest of Turkestan by Kokands, a big part of city was burnt. Receiving help from Bukhara ruler, Togay khan couldn’t return Turkestan and was banished from the city, but remained konyrat tribe’s khan. He had friendly relationship with Aryngazy khan, who ruled tribes in the lower reach of Syr Darya, and he promised to support Togay khan in a battle with Khiva. In 20s of XIX century, escaping from kokands, Togay khan was forced to leave to Bukhara, where obtained political asylym from Haydar, khan of Bukhara. Thereafter, he participated in domestic political life of Bukhara khanate. After death of Amir Haydar, he joined one of group, fighting for authority. There is information that in 1826 during siege of khan’s palace with Nasrullah Tokay Tore, future amir of Bukhar khanate died. (Erofeeva, 1997: 87, 129). According to the records received from descendants, khan died around Qaraqonyr Otyrar region, in the locality of Sheyban-Togay.

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