Mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yassawi

The international status of the monument. In Central Asia is not amazing architectural, historical and ensemble work. South Kazakhstan region, located in the center of the city of Turkestan. The mausoleum of the famous prophet of Islam, Sultan-ul-called Ğarïfïn his lifetime (the king is the king recognized saints, God) is designed shook A.Yassawi. Ahmed Yasawi, who died about 1166-1167 years. The founder of the Kazakh people, tens Khan, bi-Sultan, at the request of their leaders and heroes are buried in this mausoleum. Turkestan, the building is a relic of the XIV-XV centuries. Masters of the great works of art, bronze lamps cast metal, bronze lawxalı flag, pattern, wooden doors, cover the top of the tomb is preserved. Ahmed Yassawi Mausoleum data base entry of Sharaf al-Din Ali Ïazdïdiñ “Zafar-name” appears in the book. Ahmed Yasawi Mausoleum large portal-dome construction. Its length is 65.5 meters, a width of 46.5 meters and a height of 39 meters. Others included in the mausoleum door tall, covered with a width of 18.2 meters arkamen is located in the south-east facade. The walls of the main facade and towers in the corners scale sılanbağan left their seals for the mosaics on the packaging. Is slightly dome with a diameter of 18 meters and an internal height of 36 meters above the floor level. There is a huge dome of the portal and several of the building and consists of two floors. The mausoleum of different purposes, a total of 35 rooms. Jamağatxana on the first floor, Qabirxana, a mosque, a library, a large Aksaray, Aksaray Minor, dining room, Qudıqxana and four qujıra room, and the rest of the qujıra on the second floor rooms. The main room is Qabirxanası Ahmet Yassawi architectural composition. The middle of the room, which is a pillar épïtafïyasız green image tamırşıqtarmen serpentïnït covered plïtasımen. The building took place in the south-western part of the dining room. Room with two large hearth October. Qaptawlarındağı building collections of manuscripts and remaining in compliance with the names of the few artists who took part in the construction of a mausoleum; Hodge and Hassan Shirazi, Shams Abd – vaxxab Shirazi, bronze jewelry masters Ïzz ad-Din ibn Taj al-Din Isfahani, Abd Aziz bin Şarafaddïn Tabrizi. XVI-XIX centuries “Hazrat Sultan” was the Mausoleum of Kazakh khans White Horde. XIX. And guard towers surrounding the mausoleum was built under the reign of the threat facing the castle. A monument to the 1994 “historical and cultural monuments in the lineage of” South-Kazakhstan region included in the set of №590.3-digit number from the jurisdiction of the state. Mausoleum in 2003 Khoja Ahmed Yassawi in the UNESCO World Heritage List. And the history of the building of our nation, language and religion, tradition and culture studied is invaluable data.

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