Kimeshek XX c.

Kimeshek is one of the samples of national clothes, which has absorbed the special way of life, customs and traditions of the Kazakhs. This is the traditional national headdress of Kazakh women. In some regions, kimeshek is called shylauysh, burama zhaulyk, yekshe. Kimeshek is often sewn from white fabric, sometimes from white silk fabric. The kimeshek has two sides around the chin that cover the forehead – called shykshyt. Kimeshek, symbolizing the triumph, height, chastity of the status of the Kazakh community. The front side of the kimeshek is called the “jaw”. It was often embroidered and decorated. Kimeshek was cut and sewn according to the shape and size of the human head. The long end of the kimeshek, which falls below the waist and covers the hair, is called the “tail”. Kimeshek is made so that it covers the chest, shoulders and back. Only in the place where the woman’s face is open, there is a groove. Both sides of the neckline, the sides of the chest are decorated with embroidery and sewn with shiny threads. The edge of the hole is sewn with a thread. This is called “alkym shalu” It not only decorates the kimeshek, but also allows you to press and stretch the kimeshek made of light fabric. Although the basic kimeshek model worn by women of each region is very similar, it has differences in the individual parts and patterns sewn on the kimeshek. Kimeshek has always been considered one of the brightest examples of Kazakh clothing, which emphasized the beauty and charm of our mothers, including headdresses worn by Kazakh women in everyday life. After all, the kimeshek not only complements the beauty of a female subject, but also emphasizes what a female being should be based on the centuries-old traditions of our nation. One of the samples of the kimeshek headdress, which is considered sacred in Kazakh society, is kept in the museum’s funds. This kimeshek was transferred for storage to the museum fund by Adaskan Altaev, a native of the village of Baltakol in the Otrar region of the South Kazakhstan region, an amateur archaeologist, a veteran of the Great Patriotic War, who lived from 1920 to 1989. This kimeshek-amanat, left over from this man’s mother. Kimeshek is made of white silk fabric. The length of the kimeshek from head to tail, which covers the hair, falling below the waist, is 110 cm, the width is 106 cm. The kimeshek has a notch in which the woman’s face is open. Along the circumference of the neckline, ornamental patterns are embroidered with light yellow, white threads on embroidered embroidery for women of advanced age. In the modern world, where the way of life is changing, there are many elderly people who do not part with their skullcaps and kimesheks and do not lose our national values. There are differences in the design of the kimeshek depending on the living conditions and climatic characteristics of each region. However, the ultimate goal of Kazakh women in wearing kimeshek has not changed. It is obvious that wearing a sacred kimeshek headdress, personifying the beauty of a Kazakh woman filled with conscience and good breeding, protecting from cold and heat, will allow our future generation to firmly follow the path of their ancestors.

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