Copper treasure of silver plated coins from the Otrar area from Qurusay Chayan region of SKR

In 2012 year citizen of Chayan region of SKR gave to fund of museum treasure which he found in Qurusay. Treasure consists of 450 anonymous coins. At the time of sight checkup shows what before bury cultivated with the horses oil, that’s why it has keeped well. After the peelings of coins treasure shown half of coins treasure keeped apply thin of silver.

Treasure of coins consists of the same type of coins Otrar second half of XIII c.

Dimension of coins about from 39 to 43 mm.

Weight – from 5,3 to 11 gr.

Condition of coins is satisfied. Writings in coins written with kufi. All full coins of treasure central cartouches written same contents.  Most of the coins keeped with the date of issue.

Same type of coins differ with the decorations. First of all, epithet of coins خاني (Hany) منكو خاني (Mengu hany). Move over epithet in coins have elements with decorations. Mint place of Otrar let coppery silver coins in XIII c. about 17 year with 646 the 663 y. (1248-1265 yy.)

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