A seminar on the research and preservation of woolen items in the museum fund was held

Today, the scientific and practical seminar on “Preservation and research of Textile Products in Kazakhstan” was held by the State Historical and Cultural Preserve-Museum “Azret Sultan” under the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The seminar was conducted by the head of the International Research Laboratory “YMAI” of Pavlodar State Pedagogical University Krupa Tatyana Nikolaevna, the staff of the Department of Scientific Research, Fund for Preservation and Accounting, Protection of Historical Monuments and Accounting.

Tatyana Nikolaevna a specialist who researched the grave covering fabric, which belongs to XIV-XV centuries, of Ahmed Yasawi tomb in the Hazret Sultan Reserve Museum in 2009 during her visit to Turkestan. She presented her research results in the many conferences. As the results of the research she find out that the silk jewelry tissue of grave cover was made in Iran and golden thread trimmed by China. Tatyana Krupa shared her researchments about fabrics and told about restoration and conservation of general fabrics found in archaeological excavations and shared her experience and exchanged views.

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