“Yasawitanu” republican competition’s history

With the organization of “Azret Sultan” state historical – cultural museum since 1998 year every  year  here past “Yasawitanu” competition. The main aim of competition – to develop spirituality  after time of independence and to  agitate about  Khodja Ahmed Yasawi and his Hikmets.   The first competition was held only at the city  level, pupils invited only from the city of Turkistan. Since 2001 year gradually  developed to the competition of region.


Informational letter

25 year for Independence of Kazakhstan Republic and “2016- the year of Yasawi” by the decision of UNESCO, “Azret Sultan” historical – cultural mausoleum invites all the Kazakhstan Republic’s general study places between 6-11 class   pupils to  the “Yasawitanu” international knowledge  competition. Competition will be in Turkistan.

Date: 22-23 September  2016 year

Place: Turkistan