Archaeological exhibits

A cannon shot

XV-XVII centuries, weighs 50 kilos. The shot is made ball shaped by chopping sandstone with special tool. Although the shot is made by special tool it wasn’t  flat and spakhing , it means it was used as a shot of catapult to break the walls.

A candle with an image of sheep

A candle with an image of sheep was found in old Turkistan at the time of Togan excavations. As a  consequence  of reconstruction of the candle ,which heighs 20x8,it was ornamented with sheeps head and body. On the top of the candle there was a hole for pouring oil and on the  back side there were 3 round chimneys.

An Earring belongs

XIII-XIV centuries. It was found between 1997-1998  from the grave №50 of room Kazandyk at K.A. Yasewi mausoleum .One side of the earing  is thicker and multisided, the other side is thin and 5pearls bound like a spiral. Earrings form is oval.