Ethnographic exhibits

Taikazan ХIV с.

Taikazan was cast in the village of Karnak in 1399. Master, Abdilaziz ibn Sharaf-ad-din Tabrizi. Weight of Cauldron- 2 tons, capacity 3 litres, the diameter is 242 cm, the diameter of the platform -60,7 cm. Height of the cauldron - 162 cm, height of pedestal 54 cm, the material from 7 different metals. Copper, zinc, gold, silver, bronze, lead and iron.

Laucha ХIV с.

"Laucha"- top tip of the flag from bronze, with a wooden handle. Length 8 metres, height-98cm weight 5 kg. The Central part is engraved with Arabic plants ornament which you can read both sides equally.


Lamp XIV c.

The lamp is made of bronze, the bottom is flat, round, the upper part is wide, in some places as a small round ring, at the top of the lamp in the shape of a cylinder, there is inscription in Arabic. The whole lamp is decorated with plants, on the cup and in the round parts of the lamp  inscription in Arabic.