International Scientific and Practical Conference



The  President of  the Republic of  Kazakhstan N.A.Nazarbayev  «Oriented to the future: Spiritual development», the spiritual principles of society's sustainability were highlighted. Taking into consideration the head of our state, in 2017, the museum «Aziret Sultan», the international organization TURKSOY and International Kazakh-Turkish University Ahmet Yasawi will be awarded the title of «International Cultural Heritage of the Turkic World» by the international conference titled «THE  HERITAGE OF KHOJA AHMET YASAWI AND TURKESTAN» invites you to participate in the scientific and practical conference.

The State Historical and Cultural Reserve-Museum «Azret Sultan» invites you to the International Scientific and Practical Conference «The Heritage  of  Khoja Ahmet Yasawi and Turkestan» in honor of the title  «2017 year Turkestan is the cultural capital of the Turkic world».

Date:  30-31 October 2017

Place: Turkistan city (IKTU. Culture center)

Directions on the titles of the conference

  1. Heritage of Khodja Ahmed Yasawi and Turkic - Islam civilization
  2. Spiritual development and Turkestan
  3. Holy places and cultural tourism   

Official languages of conference are: Kazakh, Russian, Turkish and English

For the conference are invited scientists on history, philology, philosophy, oriental studies, experts on culture and scientists of  Yasawi, professions   of saving historical and cultural heritage, reservation and local historical museums, researchers of scientific research institutes. All the materials of conference will be published beforehand.

Address of organization committee:

Tauke khan street 282 А, Turkistan city, Southern Kazakhstan region, Kazakhstan, 161200

State Historical Cultural Museum Reserve “Azret Sultan”

Tell/ fax: +7(725-33) 3-23-00


Requirements and clauses for the publications:

1.Size of publication must be 5-7 pages with  a type Times New Roman, 14 point, 3 cm from the left side of page, from  upper side and lower side - 2cm and from right -1,5 см, interval of lines -1.

2. Title of the publication must be written with capital letters. Interval between title and whole text must be -2 lines . On the right side of the top of the title name of the author, place of work, rank, academic degree also the name of the city which he/she is from.

3. List of the literature and references must given at the end of the whole text of publication with Arabic numbers in a brackets, for example [1.5 pages].

4. The name of Khodja Ahmed Yasawi must be written in the form Yasawi (not Yassaui or Iasaui) by the decision of the scientists of the conference held in 15-16 Nobembe in 2007.

5. Abstract of the publication must be at the end of the text in Kazakh, Russian and English.

6. Organization committee can send back the publications which are not followed by requirements and instructions given above.

To participate in the conference publications must be send to the address of the organization committee until 20th of October 2017.

Also for special guests invited for the conference transportation expenses are paid by organizers.  


Registration sheet

1. Surname

2. Name

3. Middle name

4. Scientific title, degree

5. Name of the institution (scientific institution, university, address, etc.)

6. Address (postal address is required)

7. E-mail (required)

8. Telephone / Fax

9. Title of the report / article /

10. Necessary technical things

11. Place in the hotel  if necessary (yes, no)