A candle with an image of sheep

A candle with an image of sheep was found in old Turkistan at the time of Togan excavations. As a  consequence  of reconstruction of the candle ,which heighs 20x8,it was ornamented with sheeps head and body. On the top of the candle there was a hole for pouring oil and on the  back side there were 3 round chimneys. There were three large bowls on each  chimney ,with wicks in the middle. White ,blue and brown colours  were used to paint outside the candle. Outside of the candle is ornaments with  a round lines of 3 rolls. The main ornaments are painted with brown colour. These ornaments show the sun ,the moon, the sky, stars and the space .The master who did this  candle might had taken into consideration social-economic status , traditions and customs of the period he lived in.