Ukash ata tomb and well (ІХ-Х cc.)

The 35 km to the north of the city of Turkestan, Babaykorgan rural district in the north, is located at the foot of the Karatau. Coordinates: 43˚36.917, 068˚15.712. The 451m above the sea level. Initially, only the tomb was the only place in the years 1989-1990 necropolis, built by the local population. The Mazar consists of 2 entrance room with any other room. Inside a length of 22.2 meters and the height of 4 meters, a width of 4.6 meters. Seven small windows of the hole. "Ukash ata" among the population about the legends äfsanalarda xz.Muxammed Muhammad 'saqabası widespread as mucılmandardıñ military commander. According to legend, the parents Ükaşa şapsa sword-proof, bullet-proof atsa quality blood and body, a hero. Ükaşa enemies of religion in the time of Adam embeds itself into the öltirmekke, but you can find the most vulnerable aspect selected. At the end of her husband's fraud simply Ukash ata sword şappas body can only lead bosaytının accompanied during the prayer. Religious Ükaşanıñ enemies cut off his head in prayer. When an insult to the skull on the ground and went over the left roll of the two positions will sink into the ground. Well-Zäm Mecca underground water among the population zäm concept associated with the Source. Ükaşa parent's fountain small yurt-shaped building was built at the beginning of a diameter of 4.5 meters and a height of 3.5 meters. And the depth of the pit 22-25. Allah in the Muslim community at the beginning of all the well wishers, flocking zïaratqa to get rid of sin. At the moment, many of the grave Ükaşa parents zïyaratşılar. Legend has come to us qudıqpen. There is someone who will be transferring water from the well. People is that when a bucket of water, he was accepted zïaratı desire to understand. Companion of the prophet Ali r.ğ. If you walk in front of the ğ.s defender Mohammed Ükaşa accompanied by bodyguards at the back of his parents. Say At the time later in life: "Anyone who Ükaşanıñ actually, it was unlawful for a person hellfire" said. Ükaşanıñ head 23 meters edged sword when blood scattered on the ground. Mubarak saints holy blood, thinking that no disrespect facing the back of the body, including blood stains on the location of buried. Currently, a way to accommodate all Turkic people, has become a place of pilgrimage that täwäp. "Hazrat Sultan" museum from the list as part of the religious and spiritual monument. The total land area of ​​90 hectares.