Mausoleum Gauhar ana, ХІІ-ХІV cc.

Is located on the left side of the road Turkestan-Shauildir 400-500 meters south of the city of Turkestan at 4km. Coordinates: 43˚15.762, 068˚17.159 . 174m above the sea level to. Initially, the mausoleum had no roof, consisted of 4 walls, next was the construction of 3 rooms for the pilgrims. Information on the date of death Gauhar ana not. But if you take into account that the day of the birth of Ahmed Yasawi 1101-1103gg married in 20 years you can count that Gauhar ana was born about 1122-1124. In 1167 Gauhar ana was 43 years old, if we add 20-30 years, the year of death comes to 187-97gg. For many years he worked as chief custodian of the fund, and then director of the museum "Әzіret Sultan", now elder O.Dastanov says that legend about Gauhar ana before his death said the following words: "I will be buried next to the shed blood of my younger brother, Sheikh Ibrahim Siuir killed for which he took without permission from the water ditch, which they dug, so it says on the shore ditch Suir. Aksakal O.Dastanov gave us oral information Gauhar ana. I was 5-6 years old when his mother brought me to the Gauhar Ana, read the Quran. Tomb of Gauhar ana was made of brick, like a grave Rabia Sultan Begim, but slightly smaller. The roof was made of blue bricks, but half of it was not, the tomb itself was foursquare, very old. In 2014-2015. when actions "Azіret Sultan 'Museum, Gauhar ana tomb was rebuilt. The mausoleum is height 9m, 6m on four sides, there is a one-storey building portal. The total land area 8,0ga.