Department of Stock

The Republic Museum (named after) Koja Akhmed Yassawi was founded in 1978. It had about 300 exhibits at that moment. Before the Museum was opened local committee of the party collected exhibits from the local people and it was headed by Vice Minister of Culture O.Zhanibekov.

First all the medieval exhibits were counted out .It was done by Orynbay Dastanov. He was a fund keeper in 1958.  Registration book of the museum fund (1977) started with the description of the candle in which had been kept since Amir Temir’s period.

In 2009  the exponents were divided  into 4 groups and they were given to the scientist employers as the additional loadings.

Among them : 4960 – archeological, 2587 – ethnographic, 2679 – ancient manuscript and 13583 – numismatic exponents.

The exponents are situated in the room and in the exposition (6) of the museums. The total area of the expositions is 3862,58 sq.m. , reservation rooms are 99,16 sq.m.

Nowadays 23809 ancient exponents were taken on republic record in the fund of the reservation, 13444 exponents are main,  10365 – exponents are in the scientific auxiliary fund.

The fund of the museum consists of gold, silver and copper coins. There are a lot of ancient books and manuscripts written in Arabic, Persian and ancient Turkish.

Some valuable handmade exponents were given to the museum fund by the Kazakhs who went away from the Kazakhstan to the foreign countries. They could keep and return to the Motherland our handicrafts made in the XVIII-XIX centuries.

The programme “Museolog” started its work to input the museum fund in August in 2016.

The exponents of the fund  are  kept in  the modern condition. There are moving bookcases , shelves  and  drivers. The  rooms  of  the  fund  are  installed with the thermo hygrometer   IVA -6 . This  thermo hygrometer measures the  temperature  and  the wetness.



The duty of the fund keeping-room

  • Fund keepers must be careful when they take over any exhibits and check them before to fill an   act;
  • The Fund keepers are responsible for exhibits which keep in the museum. They count up the number of exhibits in the museum;
  • To keep exhibits, topographic lists and scientific-directory files in special places;
  • To control showcases (glass cases) and lockers of exposition including their opening , closing and locking. And  certify them with stamp.
  • If something is stolen or damaged in the exposition, the fund keeper must inform the head of the museum or the manager. And he must prepare an act with the photo of the stolen exhibit. If there is no photo he must add any description from the list book.
  • To forbid outsiders to enter the fund keeping room. The museum workers can enter the room after permission of the head or manager of the museum. And their names must be written  in the registration.
  • To look after exhibit and exposition ; to look to cleanliness of the rooms where expositions are kept according to the rule of museum. And fund keepers always must inform about it the head of the museum.
  • To control exhibits and expositions with a restorer in the fund keeping room. The result of the control and the result of conservation of keeping expositions are kept in the special file and in the registration book.
  • Temperature of air and wetness in the keeping room and in the exposition is always checked (two times in the morning and one time in the evening)
  • According to the rule, the manager of the fund keeping room make a report two times a year about the results of  exhibits. And their situations are written in special books.