In the museum of “Azret Sultan” was opened a historical well

In the State Historical and Cultural Reserve-Museum “Azret Sultan” a medieval historical well was opened. In the mausoleum of Khoja Ahmet Yasawi, a well, founded in the XIV century, was used for drinking. As it is known, after the completion of the construction of the mausoleum in the room of “Zhamagatkhana” where Taikazan was placed where the water was filled and distributed to the pilgrims. The well worked until the first quarter of the XIX century. In 1992-1999, in connection with the restoration work on the mausoleum of the Turkish firm Vakf Inshaat, the water of the well was completely blocked.

– “In October 2018, the head of state, N. Nazarbayev, during an official visit to Turkestan, he ordered the opening of a medieval well in the mausoleum of Khoja Ahmet Yasawi, as well as commissioning for the benefit of the people. In this regard, work was carried out on the cleaning of wells, the composition of the water has passed all the relevant examinations and the relevant documentation has been prepared. Today, December 16, by the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan, this well will be put into operation “, said Nurbolat Akhmetzhanov, director of the Museum-Reserve .

Now visitors will drink from a historical well.

The well – connected through a corridor, on the east side of the building, with a staircase leading to the tower, is a square. There is a circle around the well from a brick, diameter is 80 cm. If earlier water comes from a depth of 7-8 meters, now, due to the rise of groundwater, water is taken from a depth of 5-6 meters.