Historical monuments

The ancient settlement of Karatobe (Sauran), ІV-V-ХІV cc.

The settlement is situated 45 km. to the north-west of Turkestan, 3 km.

Mausoleum Kozha Ahmet Yasavi (ХІІ-ХІV cc.)

The international status of the monument. In Central Asia is not amazing architectural, historical and ensemble work.

East Bathhouse (ХVІ с.)

The national monument of the status. From the south-west of the mausoleum is located 80 meters away from the bottom half of the land. Coordinates: 43˚17.787, 068˚16.331.

Mausoleum Rabiya Sultan Begim

Historical and architectural monument. The national monument of the status. Coordinates: 43˚17.830, 068˚16.317. The 220 mm in height above sea level.

The Hilvet undergrond mosgue (ХІІ-ХV-ХІХ сс.)

It was built during the ХІІth centurу and was used until the ХХth centurу. It is a semi-underground building. It was used for special religions teachings in Ahmed Yasawi time.

Ukash ata tomb and well (ІХ-Х cc.)

The 35 km to the north of the city of Turkestan, Babaykorgan rural district in the north, is located at the foot of the Karatau. Coordinates: 43˚36.917, 068˚15.712.

Mouseleusm Imam Markozi (XIX c.)

The grave of Imam Markozi crude brick was built in the 12th centurу and is one of the traditional architecture of buildinds.