Religious monuments

The monument of republican significance "Kumshik Ata" at the State historical and cultural reserve-museum "Azret Sultan" dates back to the 13th century.

The 35 km to the north of the city of Turkestan, Babaykorgan rural district in the north, is located at the foot of the Karatau. Coordinates: 43˚36.917, 068˚15.712.

The grave of Imam Markozi crude brick was built in the 12th centurу and is one of the traditional architecture of buildinds.

2.5 km to the east of mausoleum Kjoha Ahmed Yassawi in the street Ä.Tutqabaev. Coordinates: 43˚17.437, 068˚17.134. The height is 208m above the sea level.

Is located on the left side of the road Turkestan-Shauildir 400-500 meters south of the city of Turkestan at 4km. Coordinates: 43˚15.762, 068˚17.159 .