In honer of the 25 th anniversary of independence  «Azret-Sultan» the state  historical and cultural reserve museum was approved 25 th anniversary-25 action plan. From the beginning of this year the museum-mosque of Zhuma Khodja Ahmed Yasawis mosque well room has been working as a museum to visitors.

The state  historical and cultural reserve museum «Azret-Sultan» had movable exhibition in the theme of independence   and historical  Turkestan to the 25 th anniversary of Independence and Khodja Ahmed Yasawis 850 th anniversary in the 30 th of September in 2016 in the UKO Tolebi region. In the exbition of reserve museum was offered about 70 valuble exhibits to the peoples.

In 2016 the internation UNESCO organization was established the year of Yasawi and the 25 th anniversary of Independence the reserve museum had opened exhibition in the Big Hаll of Aksaray in October bin 2016. About 50 manuscripts and printed books was putted on the exhibition.

On August 18, 2016 year in «Azret Sultan» reserve museum’s of readers library hall was opened photo exhibition about « World without nuclear bombs».This exhibition was organized on 29 th of August International The fight against nuclear weapons.

On September 27, 2016 reserve museum of «Azret Sultan»  Big Aksaray’s room organized by regional museum of Arkalyk city opened an exhibition about «Torgay’s Ozaga». 85 exibitors took part in the exhibition.

In July, the state and public figure Olzhas Suleymenov held an exhibition dedicated to the 80th anniversary of  the Kazakh prey.

In July, 2016 Opened an exhibition about ‘History of EXPO’There were more than 50 photos.

In June 15, 2016 In Mausoleum of H.A.Yasawi was opening an exhibition of "Centuries –old Atyrau".

In June 4, opened photo exhibition named by "Historical values".

In june 4, in a Mausoleum of H.A.Yasawi  was a photoexibition about "State symbols of our pride".