Taikazan was cast in the village of Karnak in 1399. Master, Abdilaziz ibn Sharaf-ad-din Tabrizi.

"Laucha"- top tip of the flag from bronze, with a wooden handle. Length 8 metres, height-98cm weight 5 kg.

The lamp is made of bronze, the bottom is flat, round, the upper part is wide, in some places as a small round ring, at the top of the lamp in the shape of a cylinder, there is i

The treasure was found by citizen Orangay which is situated near of Turkistan at the beginning of 2012 year. Treasure transferred to the museum village resident by Khalmetov.

In 2012 year citizen of Chayan region of SKR gave to fund of museum treasure which he found in Qurusay. Treasure consists of 450 anonymous coins.

The book is published in 1904,  Kazan. Complete collection of poems. In the first page of the book there is print. Khoja Ahmed Yasawi.

Old edition. The book contains ahadith of prophet Muhammad (s.a.C). The book is written in the Arabic language, comment on this türkiye.

Manuscript. Author Sheikh Khudadad Taj Muhammad al-Bukhari. Successor Yasawi. Gives very valuable information on the practical and theoretical approaches.

"Fiqhul Akbar" is a copy of the book the great Islamic scholar Abu Hanifa. The book was dubbed in 1252/1836-37. Keeped 6 pages. Book acid – the belief in one God (Allah).

XV-XVII centuries, weighs 50 kilos. The shot is made ball shaped by chopping sandstone with special tool.